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Promo Recordings

by G.E. Hewitt

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Patsy Cline

Here is a list of promotional recordings made by Patsy Cline that were intended for radio airplay.

Date: Spring 1960
Location: Nashville TN.
Grand Ole Opry Promo

Patsy Cline (spk)

a. pro Grand Ole Opry (Radio Spot) - 0:32
[promo] acetate — "Patsy Cline Spot"   (1960)

This spoken advertisement was made for radio airplay, and it promotes a touring Grand Ole Opry concert of 1960. Patsy mentions Faron Young, Jimmy Newman, Lew Childre, Rex Rinehart and the Country Deputies. Known tour dates of this concert are found on the Patsy Cline Timeline page of this discography, from April 19 to May 11, 1960.

Date: May 1962 (ca)
Location: Sam Phillips Studio, 319 7th Avenue North, Nashville TN.
USMC Spot Announcements

Patsy Cline (v), Marvin Hughes (p, dir), others unknown (acc), T. Tommy Cutrer (spk)

a. pro Marine Corps Jingle - 1:00
U.S. Government disc1B — U.S. Marine Corps Spot Announcements   (1962)

This jingle was recorded for a series of four spot announcements by T. Tommy Cutrer.

Date: Fall 1962
Location: Sam Phillips Studio, 319 7th Avenue North, Nashville TN.
Country Music Week Spots

Patsy Cline (spk)

a. pro Country Music Week (Spot #1) - 0:28
b. pro Country Music Week (Spot #2) - 0:36
c. pro Country Music Week (Spot #3) - 0:33
All titles on:
U.S. Government disc2682 — Country Music Week   (1962)

Patsy Cline was one of several artists to promote Country Music Week (November 4-10, 1962). The disc also includes messages from Faron Young, Connie Francis, Flatt & Scruggs, Roy Acuff, Eddy Arnold, Chet Atkins, John Stewart of the Kingston Trio, Tommy Hunter, Gordon Lightfoot and Jim Reeves. Clips can be heard at this website.

Sessions Reported: 3

Performances Reported: 5

Unique Songs Reported: 5

Unique Issues Reported: 3