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Date: 1955 (ca)
Location: Los Angeles
Private Session

Margaret Whiting (v), Walter Gross (p)

a. Glad To Be Unhappy(Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart) - 3:18
Sepia CD1163 — Margaret Whiting's Great Hits   (2011)
b. Little Girl Blue(Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart) - 3:30
Sepia CD1163 — Margaret Whiting's Great Hits   (2011)
c. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)(Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer) - 3:11
Sepia CD1163 — Margaret Whiting's Great Hits   (2011)
d. The Young Man With A Horn(George Stoll, Ralph Freed)
e. Good For Nothing Joe(Ted Koehler, Rube Bloom)

Date: May 24, 1966
Location: Los Angeles

Margaret Whiting (v), Philip Della Penna (p)

a. demo Somewhere There's Love(Lor Crane, Bernice Ross) - 2:11

Date: 1977 (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs)
Location: New York
Original Cast Recording

Margaret Whiting (v), Ira Yuspeh (g), Michael Valenti (p, dir), Harmon Lest (ep), Steve Sterner (org), Brad Alexander (per), Rie Schmidt (f), John Scott (ob), Ruben Rivera (vc)

a. Look At Me(Michael Valenti, Elsa Rael)
Take Home Tunes LP775 — Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs / Beauty And The Beast   (1977)

Date: 1983 (Taking My Turn)
Location: Entermedia Theatre (Village East), New York
Original Cast Recording

Cissy Houston, Marni Nixon, Ted Thurston, Margaret Whiting (v), unknown (acc), Barry Levitt (dir)

a. Fine For The Shape I'm In(Gary William Friedman, Will Holt) - 2:28
b. In April(Gary William Friedman, Will Holt) - 2:23
c. It Still Isn't Over(Gary William Friedman, Will Holt) - 4:11
All titles on:
Broadway Limited Records LP1001 — Taking My Turn: A Musical Celebration   (1984)

Cissy Houston (v) on a; Marni Nixon (v) on a; Ted Thurston (v) on c.

Date: 1988
Location: New York

Margaret Whiting (v), unknown (oth)

a. demo I'm Getting Off Here(Hal Clayton Hackady, Robert Haber) - 4:02

This composition was written for the musical "I Love You Jimmy Valentine" (which formerly existed as "Alias Jimmy Valentine"). The production was featured in the first annual Festival of New Musicals, hosted by NAMT (National Alliance for Musical Theatre) in 1989. The book was written by Margaret Whiting's husband Jack Wrangler. Further details about the recording of Whiting's vocal performance are unknown.

Date: misc.
Margaret Whiting Guest Recordings

Robert McGarity, Bruce Yeko (pdr), Bill Daugherty, Gary Kline, Margaret Whiting (v), Tex Arnold (p, dir), Jim Vukovich (p, syn), Steve LaSpina (b), Chip Fabrizi (d), Scott Perloff (d, per), others unknown (acc), Keith Levenson, Wayne Moore (dir)

a. I Get A Kick Out Of You(Cole Porter) - 3:43
Teldec CD75277-2 — Cole Porter Centennial Gala Concert   (1991)
b. For The Moment(Babbie Green) / arr: Wayne Moore - 4:08
Lockett-Palmer CD930302 — In Nobody's Shadow: Songs For The Theatre   (1993)
c. Gentle Love(Portia Nelson, Margaret Whiting) - 3:43
DRG Records CD91445 — This Life, Her Songs And Her Friends   (1996)
d. Hey Love!(Martin Charnin) - 3:05
Original Cast CD9619 — Incurably Romantic: Songs Of M. Charnin   (1996)
e. There's A Man In My Life(John Meyer) / arr: Tex Arnold - 2:50
[no label] CD Single — The Betrayal Of Nora Blake   (2000)
f. It's All For You(John Meyer) - 2:33
Meyertunes download — Bringin' Out The Beast: Songs By John Meyer   (2011)
g. A Fine Romance(Jerome Kern, Dorothy Fields) - 2:58
Original Cast CD10225 — Look To The Rainbow   (2000)
h. Let's Take An Old-Fashioned Walk(Irving Berlin) - 4:00
CD Baby download — Souvenirs   (2013)
i. Send In The Clowns(Stephen Sondheim) - 4:38
CD Baby download — Lucky   (2004)
j. This Nearly Was Mine(Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II)
CD Baby download — Lucky   (2004)
k. Loneliness Ends With Love(Al Lerner) - 2:54
Lakeshore Records CD340092 — Elegy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)   (2008)

i, j  performed as medley

Robert McGarity (pdr) on b; Bruce Yeko (pdr) on d; Bill Daugherty (v) on g-h; Gary Kline (v) on i-j; Tex Arnold (p) on c, (dir) on e; Jim Vukovich (p) on b, (syn) on b; Steve LaSpina (b) on c; Chip Fabrizi (d) on c; Scott Perloff (d) on b, (per) on b; Keith Levenson (dir) on d; Wayne Moore (dir) on b.

1. Guest Recordings
This session combines Margaret Whiting recordings of various dates and purposes.

2. Recording Dates
"For The Moment" was recorded February or March 1993; further details unknown.

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