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Date: April 28, 1947
Location: Radio Recorders, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles
Label: Capitol
Session #592

Buddy Cole (pdr, org), Johnny Mercer (pdr, spk), Andy Russell, Margaret Whiting (v, spk), The Pied Pipers, Martha Tilton (v), Jerry Colonna, Peggy Lee, Jo Stafford, Glenn Wallichs, Paul Weston (spk), unknown (oth)

a. 1874-1pro Greetings From Capitol Artists (Part I) - 3:08
b. 1875-1pro Greetings From Capitol Artists (Part II) - 3:31
Both titles on:
Capitol 78 — Greetings From Capitol Artists To All Music Dealers   (1947)

Andy Russell (v) on a, (spk) on a; The Pied Pipers (v) on b; Martha Tilton (v) on b; Margaret Whiting (v) on a, (spk) on a; Jerry Colonna (spk) on a; Peggy Lee (spk) on a; Glenn Wallichs (spk) on b; Paul Weston (spk) on b.

1. Promo Record
This platter was made for delegates attending a convention of the National Association of Music Merchants. The full title on the label reads "Greetings From Capitol Artists To All Music Dealers, NAMM Convention, Chicago, June 1947".

2. Producer
These masters are listed under Buddy Cole in the Capitol files. The producer may have been Johnny Mercer or Buddy Cole.

3. Musical Excerpts
The second half contains short excerpts of selected Capitol recordings of Betty Hutton, The King Cole Trio, The Dinning Sisters, Benny Goodman and Stan Kenton.

Date: November 1949 (ca)
Sunday Down South

Snooky Lanson, Margaret Whiting (spk)

a. pro Sunday Down South (Radio Spot) - 1:05

A pre-recorded spot made to promote the November 6, 1949 broadcast of the live radio program.

Date: November 1949
Location: Capitol Studios, 5515 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles
Label: Capitol
Session #1559

Margaret Whiting (v, spk), unknown (bkv, acc, con, spk)

a. 5233-1pro Season's Greetings From Capitol 1949 - 3:22
Capitol 785233 — Season's Greetings From Capitol 1949 With Margaret Whiting   (1949)
Jasmine CD778 — The Sounds Of Christmas: Rare Holiday Gems   (2013)

Date: November 8, 1950
Location: Capitol Studios, 5515 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles
Session #PRO-14

Jack Robbins (pdr), Margaret Whiting (v), unknown (acc), Frank De Vol (con)

a. PRO-14 Hoppy, Topper And Me(Nacio Herb Brown, L. Wolfe Gilbert)
[promo] disc — Hoppy, Topper And Me / The Hopalong Cassidy March   (1950)

1. Promo Recording
Jack Robbins of publishing firm J.J. Robbins paid for this session and its talent. A promotional 78 rpm disc limited to 500 copies was pressed and dispatched to disk jockeys for consideration, as explained in this clipping from the 25 November 1950 issue of Billboard magazine.

2. Capitol Recording
Refer to May 10, 1951 (Capitol Session #2166) for details about the master recording that was made for and issued by Capitol.

Date: June 14, 1951
Location: Capitol Studios, 5515 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles
Label: Capitol
Session #2194

Lee Gillette (pdr), John Palladino (eng), Peter Kanze, Margaret Whiting (spk)

a. PRO-34-3edit Good Morning, Mr. Echo (Radio Spot) - 1:00
Capitol CS/CD7-93194-2 — Margaret Whiting Collectors Series   (1990)

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