Patsy Cline Discography
by G.E. Hewitt

Patsy Cline is an artist that has influenced generations of entertainers in many genres of music. Her irrepressible charm, confidence and tenacity allowed her to succeed in the male-dominated industry of her time. Patsy's captivating vocals are haunting and sentimental, and her timeless records are some of the finest examples of the Nashville Sound.

Patsy Cline recorded 102 masters in 34 sessions; these performances are cataloged and cross-referenced with lists of issues, musicians, songs and songwriters. Session view catalogs of Patsy's transcriptions, concerts, radio and television performances are available. You'll also find a list of Patsy Cline overdubs and remixes that have been produced through the years. A guide to instrument abbreviations used throughout the discography is found on the Indexes menu. Click on the Miscellanea menu to find related articles of interest.


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